Go through this innovative visual treatment video procedure in order to suppress the herpes virus.

Position yourself in front of the screen comfortably and press the play button on the video to initiate the procedure.

Instructions for undergoing the procedures

Attention! Following the instructions and recommendations for undergoing the procedures for viral suppression using the pulse-light radiation method ensures achieving the greatest effect in the fight against herpes. Failure to follow the instructions may reduce the results down to the complete absence of any effect.

1. During the procedure (viewing the video), you should be strictly in the distance of 1 to 3 diagonals of the playback device display. Important notice! The video should be viewed in full-screen mode.

2. The procedures are undergone only by viewing the video from any playback device display. Important notice! Do not apply the display to the sites of herpes virus under any circumstances: It will have no effect and, in some cases, may even harm.

3. The maximum effectiveness during the treatment is achieved after undergoing 10 procedures with an interval of not more than 15 hours between the procedures. If the interval between the procedures exceeds 15 hours, we recommend you to resume undergoing the set of 10 procedures from the beginning. 

4. During each procedure, the emission process of pulse-light radiation is accompanied by a music and video sequence. These session elements are designed not only for more comfortable undergoing the procedure, but also serve as an indicator of the network connection stability. Important notice! If the music and/or video sequence is intermittent or completely or partially invisible and inaudible, the procedure should be stopped. Playback instability reduces the effectiveness of the session almost to zero. 

5. The Project Administration strongly recommends you not to download the pulse-light video and not to play it locally as the downloaded material can be distorted and then will bring rather harm than use. Undergo the procedures only at our site!

Dear patients, please carefully read these instructions. If any questions arise, please contact us using the feedback form before proceeding to payment and undergoing the procedures. 

Payment and activation of access to the medical video takes place in several stages: 

1. Click the Play button in the window to play the video SSF-HERPES. 

2. Immediately after clicking, the system will offer you the payment instruction. 

3. After successful completion of payment, you will receive access to view the video. 
– at least 10 (ten) procedures; 
– the interval between each two procedures should not exceed 15 (fifteen) hours. 

4. We remind you once again: if you have any questions on payment and undergoing the procedures, please contact us using the feedback form.
    We wish you successful treatment! The cost of one procedure is 70 RUS rubles.

The procedure for product return: All sales of video are final.


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Dear Patients, We strongly believe that the innovative method proposed by us for combating the human herpes virus really works. A group of highly skilled specialists is involved in the project implementation. We have plenty of plans related both to prophylaxis and treatment of various viral diseases by using the pulsed light therapy method. If you consider our endeavor to be beneficial and useful, and want to make a further contribution to the development of innovative methods to combat various viral infections (and not only), you can volunteer to provide all possible support to our project. Thanking you in anticipation for your cooperation and support!