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Principle of Operation of the SSF-HERPES Program

The principle of operation of the human herpes virus remote suppression program resides in activation of the unique IL28B gene
To activate the IL28B gene, it is just sufficient to irradiate it with the relict wave radiation which it acquired more than 200 thousand years ago
- Pospelov Valery Antoninovich, D.Sc. Economics, Academician of the International Informatization Academy


The human herpes virus is very insidious, and you must give up all hope that inflammation will go away on its own “in the same as before”. Our medical experience shows that in one case out of ten an ordinary small blister on a lip associated with the compromised immunity of a human organism may become a catalyst inducing breakouts in sores over the entire face and sometimes over the entire body followed by development of sores on internal organs. The innovative method developed by us for controlling the herpes virus infection is primarily aimed to prevent the adverse effect of the herpes virus on the organism. We strongly suggest you trust our experience and multi-year work and in case of manifestation of the first symptoms of the herpes virus infection undergo a complete course of virus suppression on a special page of our website to which you can jump by clicking the “Room for medical procedures” button.

Patient Feedback

I recommend this therapy! After only a few hours it stopped tingling with me. Today I finished the fourth treatment. The improvement is clear: no more redness, the blister has reduced by half and has become virtually invisible. It really works! I will go through the entire cycle to the end to ensure these great results.
Helena Claus
This is fantastic! Every 2 months I had to hide my face because of herpes. I have used ointments, lotions, even toothpastes, but the blisters were clearly visible on the face. SSF-HERPES has put everything down, I'm very satisfied. After six months, I will definitely repeat the treatment. Thanks, stop-herpes.net!
Daren Vasovski


The objective of creating our Portal is to comprehensively inform the people around the world about the human herpes virus and provide free access to the innovative method aimed to control it for the people.
The virus itself is extremely complex and the disease is still far from being fully studied. The medical community is still debating on the nature of its origin, on the secret as to why some people are absolutely not susceptible to this disease and on methods of herpes control, treatment and prophylaxis.
We understand full well that you have plenty of questions regarding this subject, the answers to which cannot be always simply found in Internet and furthermore much less these answers be trusted. That is why we offer you to get the online advice on any issue of specific concern to you related to the herpes virus from the medical specialist absolutely free of charge. You may get an advice on a special page of our website to which you may jump by clicking “Consult”.