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I have been engaged in studying the problems in the field of improving the immune resistance of the organism to the human herpes virus and methods to control it over 8 years of my research activities and medical practice. My colleagues and me performed tens of scientific experiments and tests revealing the nature of that infection. Like nobody else, I am aware of all nuances of the disease manifestation, course and complications related to the human herpes virus and also of scientifically proved methods for preventing and controlling it.

You may not only undergo unique remote sessions of the pulsed light virus exposure which will help you treat this disease, but also put any questions of your concern related to the herpes disease on our stop-herpes website. You will be given competent answers not at the “forums of amateurs”, but directly by the certified medical specialist. Please, do not hesitate to put your questions using the form provided below.

Faithfully yours, Zaikina Alla Yurievna

Frequent questions put by our patients

The cost of the full course consisting of 10 sessions, only 700 Rubls. We deliberately do not divide the course into separate one-off sessions, as the effectiveness in suppressing the herpes virus from passing incomplete course will not be achieved. This can be compared, for example, with a course of injections, prescribed by a doctor: There is no sense to buy only one, as the result of the treatment, you simply do not get until you have made all the shots.

You should mail a request to us regarding this problem subject to the consultation form provided below. You should enter your actual e-mail address and log in under it on our website. We shall prepare for you a simplified treatment course and treatment procedure instructions in a special section of your personal account.

Schreiben Sie uns dazu eine Anfrage mittels des untenstehenden Formulars. Tippen Sie unbedingt Ihre gültige E-Mail-Adresse ein und registrieren Sie sich auf unserer Webseite. In einem speziellen Abschnitt in Ihrem persönlichen Kabinett bereiten wir für Sie einen erleichterten Therapiezyklus und die Anweisungen zu dessen Vornahme vor.

"You may put any questions of your concern related to the herpes disease. You will be given competent answers by the certified medical specialists within the shortest time possible"

- Zaikina Alla Yurievna, Physician-Investigator