Dear Friends!

A few years ago, when the discovery of the il28b gene became a breakthrough in the field of the innovative approach to treatment of a number of viral diseases, we had taken a decision to formulate a “universal” vaccine which would become accessible and affordable to the absolute majority of the people in the world irrespective of the gender, race, geographical location and financial status. The research performed and experience obtained by our specialists served as a basis for development of a unique product – a video file which, through the screen of any playback unit, is capable of blocking the human herpes virus by modulated light pulses. Once the tested and fully ready for use for medical purposes video file had been created, we embarked on development of the online portal, which you are currently visiting and in which any willing person may undergo a package of unique remote procedures for suppressing the human herpes virus absolutely free of charge.

Like in any Project, our current work and plans for developing a number of additional innovations in the field of the viral diseases control, require substantial expenses to procure the equipment and materials, perform scientific experiments and tests, maintain and develop the site and pay salaries to the specialists. At the moment, all this is funded from our own resources, which, alas, is not unlimited, as well as funds received from fees for access to the procedures for suppressing the herpes virus. Unfortunately, we do not have is not enough, and increase the cost of access to the program SSF-HERPES moral right, as in this case, it will become inaccessible to a large number of patients. We believe that we have created methods of suppressing herpes virus really helps to effectively fight this insidious disease, and therefore appeal to you to voluntarily provide additional support for our project as a symbolic contribution to its development fund. On behalf of the project team of specialists to express our gratitude to you in advance. Your help is needed to all mankind!

Sincerely yours, Pospelov Valery Antoninovich
Stop-Herpes Project Manager,
Doctor of Economics, Academician of International Informatization Academy