About the Herpes

About the Human Herpes Virus


The primary infection of the human herpes virus may occur in different modes: both through contact (more frequently) and airborne infections. Kisses, sexual intercourses and non-observance of personal hygiene (use of cosmetics, towels, etc. belonging to other persons), all this may become a prerequisite for infection. When it gets in the organism just once, the virus will remain in it for life. The main causes contributing to activation of the human herpes virus already living in the organism are as follows:
- Hypothermia;
- Overfatigue;
- Malnutrition;
- Stresses;
- Associated diseases suppressing the immune system.


The herpes incubation period is an interval of time between the infection factor and the factor of emergence of first symptoms of the disease and its duration is 3-8 days.

Infection symptoms include development of small itching blisters on the face skin, a mucous membrane of lips, a nose and genitals. The blister-affected area of the skin becomes red and swollen. In general, an infected person feels himself/herself comparatively healthy, with rare exceptions, when a patient feels himself/herself weak and has high temperature.

These are general signs of activation of the human herpes virus in the organism.


The main and most common complications induced by the human herpes virus are as follows:
- Injury to the mucosa of gastrointestinal tract;
- Eye diseases;
- Central/peripheral nervous system damage;
- Urinogenital pathology;
- Herpetic pneumonia and hepatitis;
- Joints, kidneys and adrenals damage;
- The most dangerous complication is infection generalization. Generalized herpes virus infection is the condition under which the most of the organs and systems are damaged.
The above complications create problems in the family and at work and induce neurasthenia and even suicide.

"Genital herpes associated with the weakened immune system may significantly raise the risk of cancer diseases even in young people"

- Zaikina Alla Yurievna, Physician-Investigator


The human herpes virus is very insidious, and you need not hope that inflammation will go away on its own “in the same as before”.
Our medical experience shows that in one case out of ten an ordinary small blister on a lip associated with the compromised immunity of a human organism may become a catalyst inducing breakouts in sores over the entire face and sometimes over the entire body followed by development of sores on internal organs.

The innovative method developed by us for controlling the herpes virus infection is primarily aimed to prevent the adverse effect of the herpes virus on the organism. We strongly suggest you trust our experience and multi-year work and in case of manifestation of the first symptoms of the herpes virus infection undergo a complete course of virus suppression on a special page of our website to which you can jump by clicking the “TREATMENT ROOM” button.